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S4E104 Reclaiming Power and Wisdom Through Healing with Jamie Wiggins

S4E104 Reclaiming Power and Wisdom Through Healing with Jamie Wiggins

Real Talk Real Women with Jamie Wiggins, Wellness and Creativity Coach, Womb-based mentor for youth 10 and up

Episode’s summary

In this powerful episode, we have the honor of welcoming Jamie Wiggings, a transformational healer, and warm wisdom holder. Jamie shares her personal journey of healing from trauma and physical pain, starting from her experience of being molested at 14 and not being believed when she shared her story. Through her impulse towards healing, writing, and art, Jamie found a deeper healing experience for herself and her clients. We discuss her passion for supporting women in connecting with the source of vitality within themselves and accessing their own infinite creative potential.

We explore the power of dreams and the importance of empowering young women to understand the magic within their bodies. Jamie shares a vivid dream she had which symbolized her readiness to heal from her trauma and her journey toward connecting with her own power and wisdom. We also discuss the power of women's womb cycles and how Jamie works with them in her healing process.

Listen in as Jamie shares her own experience of how our pain and traumas can be transformed into our power, opening the door to great transformation. Filled with deep wisdom, Jamie encourages us to be infinitely blessed as we bless others on our own paths. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to heal from trauma and connect with their own creative power.

Jamie’s bio

Jamie is a lifelong poet, writer, and healer devoted to tending the creative fire. She holds her Master's in Art Therapy Counseling and has experience working as an Art Therapist in a clinical setting, community mental health, with elders, early childhood development as well as groups of children, teens, and adults who have experienced trauma. She trained for two years as Womb Medicine Woman and has been cycling through spirals of deep transformation ever since. She has worked extensively with dreams and depth psychology over the past two decades with a mentor, and through these continues to learn to listen to the language of the soul.

Her work as a Wellness and Creativity coach now focuses on fostering a deeper relationship with the womb center and through this aligning with our Creative Life Force or Shakti presence. The womb is the seat of women’s wisdom, power, and creativity. She believes that building a foundation of trust and safety within the body is the foundation for this work. She loves to help women connect with this source of vitality in themselves and activate their true creative and life potential.

Creativity has been the golden thread of healing that has helped her heal, grow meaning, experience deep catharsis, and connect the life force within. 'Whenever I open to create I feel something greater moving through me, that to me is prayer.' As a mother of two young children, she has to work to practice showing up to her relationship with creating, but it never fails to nourish. She shares that learning to move energy through dance, writing, poetry, voice, and media are not just powerful tools for clearing but potent ways to weave meaning and connect with the life force within. This is her devotion. Expression is her medicine.

Jamie now offers 1:1 Wellness and Creativity Coaching, Womb-based mentorship for youth 10 and up, and local menarche right-of-passage groups for youth 10-14.

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Real Talk Real Women Breaking The Silence Around Abuse
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