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Real Talk Real Women Breaking The Silence Around Abuse
S4E99 Drawing your Success Impact Map with Jennifer Jayne

S4E99 Drawing your Success Impact Map with Jennifer Jayne

Real Talk Real Women with Jennifer Jayne, blogger, entrepreneur, influencer, coach, animal lover and rescuer

Jennifer’s introduction and bio

Jennifer Jayne is a Success Coach and the Founder of Fempreneur Collective, a company that helps women in business share their stories through content and community connections. Originally from Toronto, Jennifer is passionate about encouraging women business owners to elevate their platform and thrive in their entrepreneurial journeys.

With over a decade of experience as a blogger and digital entrepreneur, Jennifer loves supporting entrepreneurs as a business coach and social media manager. As a success coach, Jennifer works one-on-one with her clients to define and meet their goals so they can experience success on their own terms. Just a few of the ways she does this is by diving deep into core values - both personal and brand, breaking down the "shoulds" of success and creating simple success metrics that align with her client's success impact map.

In her spare time, Jennifer loves to get lost in a good book. She's a passionate crafter, particularly with sewing and hand embroidery, and is a proud Mom to her four rescues - two dogs and two cats!

Connect with Jennifer

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Summary of our episode

  • Jennifer Jayne experienced verbal, mental, financial, and medical abuse in a relationship with a narcissist for 10 years

  • She had no access to a bank account, medical care, or a currently valid driver's license

  • She was able to build a lifestyle business and make friends through the Internet while in the relationship

  • A friend asked her if she was happy and another friend witnessed the verbal abuse and told her it was not okay

  • A stranger in Canada told her that what she experienced were domestic violence and human trafficking

  • She was able to escape Texas and drive to Toronto in Canada with the help of several of her friends and her mother

  • Jennifer Jayne started blogging in 2010 when she moved to Texas, re-upcycling items and sharing her creative adventures

  • She grew her business by doing virtual assistant (VA) work and social media management, working 12-18 hours a day to feel safe

  • She left Texas with a suitcase and a bin of computer stuff, leaving her two dogs behind

  • She started her business from scratch in Canada, coaching and doing social media management

  • She focuses on core values and creating a success impact map to help her clients understand what success looks and feels like

  • Celebrating accomplishments is important, and can involve taking a break from the computer, getting some water, and getting some vitamin D and sunshine

  • Jennifer Jayne discussed the importance of breaking down core values to a microscopic level in order to create an impact success map.

  • Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff advised the audience to rewind and listen to the prompts shared by Jennifer, and then answer them for themselves.

  • Jennifer encouraged people to connect with her on Instagram at @thejenniferjayne and on her platform Fempreneur Collective, where she connects women with opportunities to talk about what makes them uniquely magical.

  • Her email address is

  • Gemma thanked Jennifer for being a beacon of guidance and opening up possibilities for those listening.

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Real Talk Real Women Breaking The Silence Around Abuse
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