Oct 8, 2022 • 23M

S2E38 What To Do When Affirmations Don't Work After Narcissistic Abuse with Tierra Womack, MBA

Real Talk Real Women with Tierra Womack, MBA, multiple best-selling author, radio host of the Mind Your Business Show, speaker & founder of The Brave Way, serial multi-platform 7fig mompreneur

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The Real Talk Real Women show is a valuable resource for individuals who have experienced abuse or toxic relationships and are looking for support and guidance on their healing journey. The show features strong and powerful women who have overcome their own challenges and are now helping others do the same.  Gemma Serenity has such a diverse and extensive background in education and personal development. She uses her experiences and expertise to help others build confidence, self-love, and success in various areas of their lives. The mission of this show is to raise awareness about abuse and provide support for individuals who have experienced it, by making a positive impact in the world.
Episode details

Tierra Womack, MBA

  • Multiple best-selling books author Tierra’s Amazon Author Page

  • Radio host of the Mind Your Business Show (link to Gemma’s interview by Tierra on Mind Your Business)

  • Speaker & founder of The Brave Way

  • Serial, multi-platform mompreneur of 17 years whose businesses have generated over 7-figures.

As a Human Design based Business Mentor, Alignment & Wealth coach, Tierra helps female founders, experts, and thought leaders shift their money-sabotaging habits, align their businesses with their purpose and learn how to earn 6 figures a year working 4 to 8 days a month with VIP days based on their expertise and human design.

I don't want to trade my values for my lifestyle anymore. — Tierra Womack

Tierra specializes in:

  • Human Design-based Business Mentoring

  • Alignment & Wealth Coaching for female founders, thought leaders, and experts teaching how to use The BRAVE WAY Method for making 6 figures a year working 4 to 8 days a month.

Rebuilding Wealth and Worth After Narcissistic Abuse

As a 7 figure entrepreneur who was once miserable at the height of her success, Tierra understands how important the right mindset is, especially for those who are just jumping into the entrepreneurial space. She loves to talk about feeling worthy to be wealthy and how to grow a profitable, aligned & purpose-driven business.

Connect with Tierra

Name: Tierra Womack, MBA
Website URL: https://www.thebravewaytribe.com/wealth-by-design
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@wealthywomanbydesign
Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/tierra.womack
Facebook Business URL: https://www.facebook.com/The-Brave-Way-Confidence-Wealth-Coaching-110014727796564/
Instagram URL: https://www.instagram.com/thebraveway/
LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tierra-womack-mba/
Youtube URL: https://bit.ly/thebravewayyoutube
Email: hi@thebravewaytribe.com

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/thebraveway

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