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S2E28-1 When You Are In The Middle Of Hell, Keep Walking: Even Hell Has A Border! with CoachD (Dominika Staniewicz)

Real Talk Real Women with CoachD, Dominika Staniewicz, Amazing woman, Brain Coach and neuroencoding specialist. Contagious happiness!

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The Real Talk Real Women - Breaking The Silence Around Abuse podcast/videocast/show aims to break the silence surrounding abusive and toxic relationships and to inspire victim hiding in plain sight to recognize the abuse and put the right words on it and to break free. Our guests are strong and powerful women who have prevailed over their toxic or abusive relationships and are now helping others on their healing and transformation journey toward the best version of themselves. Gemma Serenity is an award-winning entrepreneur educated at MIT, NYU Mindfulness, and IMD business school ranked #1 for the 12th year in a row by Financial Times in executive education, in the fields of leadership, negotiation, and personal development with 25 years of experience helping others find their voice and step into the energy of success. She continues her studies at Kellogg Northwestern University in business and professional sales. After victoriously overcoming 15 years of domestic violence, she now uses her voice, writing, consulting, and online courses, to share her insights on shifting your mindset, focusing on self-confidence, self-love, self-confidence, as well as money, relationships, time, and is an advocate against domestic abuse.
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Certified #BrainCoach by Dr. Amen and a #Neuroencoding Specialist certified by Joseph McClendon III. Coach D works with a holistic approach that targets both the software and hardware of your brain, so you can live life on a NEW LEVEL.

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I’m Coach D ( Dominika Staniewicz) a brain coach certified by Dr. Amen and Amen University and a neuroencoding specialist, founder member of the Neuroencoding Institute, Sociologist, Educator, public speaker, and an expert featured multiple times in European media. I help people regain the feeling of belonging and hope. They get to rediscover that there is more to life than what they are living. I specialize in bringing organic happiness back. I take a holistic approach that includes your physical well-being, brain health, spirituality, values, psychology, and environment. I share the tools that have allowed me to go from chronic depression, child loss, the feeling of not belonging, and being simply miserable with a perfect life on the outside to a TRULY thriving and happy woman that loves life and has encoded happiness in her DNA.

Note from Gemma:

When I had the chance to have an intro call with Dominika 2 weeks before the recording, I was blown away by her story, when at one moment she said, on top of everything else: “And then, I died.” … and she was well alive, recording this episode with me…….

I didn’t realize the wealth of the happiness science she was also bringing to the table! What I did know immediately was that she is exceptional and that her smile and her happiness are truly contagious.

This recording has been truly amazing as it brings more responses and direction on top of inspiration. Listen carefully, and take notes! There is much more than you may think you know in this episode with Coach D.

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