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Real Talk Real Women Breaking The Silence Around Abuse
S3E77 From Domestic Abuse Victim to Heart-Led Author with Carolyn Parker
S3E77 From Domestic Abuse Victim to Heart-Led Author with Carolyn Parker
Real Talk Real Women with Carolyn Parker, The Overcoming Queen, founder of Restoring Self-Belief, heart-led author, personal development coach, domestic violence survivor.

About Carolyn

Carolyn Parker, also known as The Overcoming Queen, is a survivor of domestic abuse who is now a heart-led author, personal development advocate, and founder of Restoring Self-Belief. Her journey began in 2002 when she fell into a toxic relationship with a younger man during a mental health crisis. Unaware of the signs of domestic abuse, Carolyn did not recognize the progressive coercive control she was experiencing until it escalated to a life-threatening point. After several attempts to leave, she finally ended the relationship in 2005.

In 2006, Carolyn met her second abuser. Though the pattern of abuse was different, there was still an undercurrent of control. It wasn't until 2013 that she realized things were not going to improve and instructed him to leave. Despite her challenges, Carolyn qualified as a chartered physiotherapist in 1980 and worked in several NHS hospitals before and between having her two daughters. After suffering a nervous breakdown, she established a private care support business as a sole trader in 2011, which she still runs today.

Carolyn's life changed in 2019 when she discovered the power of personal development and a growth mindset. She founded Restoring Self Belief with the intention of sharing these tools and strategies with a broader audience through social media and personal coaching. When Covid-19 lockdowns began in 2020, Carolyn took the opportunity to write a chapter in a collaborative book and record a podcast episode about her journey, leading her to discover a hidden talent for heart-led writing. She has since contributed to other books, including Beautifully Broken, which launched in October 2022.

Carolyn's debut memoir, From a Place Called Shame, was released in November 2022.

Through her work, Carolyn's mission is to turn the trials and taboos of her past into talking points that give others hope for the future. She aims to write and speak about these often-avoided topics to increase awareness, understanding, and acceptance of those who often suffer in silence. With her personal coaching and heart-led writing, Carolyn inspires others to overcome their own challenges and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

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Real Talk Real Women Breaking The Silence Around Abuse

The Real Talk Real Women show is a valuable resource for individuals who have experienced abuse or toxic relationships and are looking for support and guidance on their healing journey. The show features strong and powerful women who have overcome their own challenges and are now helping others do the same.  Gemma Serenity has such a diverse and extensive background in education and personal development. She uses her experiences and expertise to help others build confidence, self-love, and success in various areas of their lives. The mission of this show is to raise awareness about abuse and provide support for individuals who have experienced it, by making a positive impact in the world.