Aug 15, 2022 • 22M

SPECIAL GUEST: Jordan Guildford, CEO of Gems For Gems

Real Talk Real Women: Collectively creating change to end the cycle of domestic abuse with Jordan Guildford, founder / CEO of Gems for Gems

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The Real Talk Real Women show is a valuable resource for individuals who have experienced abuse or toxic relationships and are looking for support and guidance on their healing journey. The show features strong and powerful women who have overcome their own challenges and are now helping others do the same.  Gemma Serenity has such a diverse and extensive background in education and personal development. She uses her experiences and expertise to help others build confidence, self-love, and success in various areas of their lives. The mission of this show is to raise awareness about abuse and provide support for individuals who have experienced it, by making a positive impact in the world.
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Ending the cycle of domestic abuse by empowering women to empower themselves. That is what Gems for Gems is all about.

Jordan Guildford is the founder/CEO of Gems for Gems and is proud to be one of the cogs in an ever-growing wheel of impassioned ambassadors and community members rallying together to create change.

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Jordan Guildford’s bio

Jordan Guildford is a small-town Nova Scotian girl who moved to Calgary in 2014.

After initiating a successful Jewelry Drive to give gifts on Christmas morning to survivors of domestic abuse, she made a critical observation that would change everything for her. The public wanted to mobilize for survivors but with the recession already devastating the city, they desperately wanted to use their skills, time, and energy to make a change.

This led to Jordan creating a national charity called Gems for Gems focused on bringing an end to the cycle of domestic abuse in collaboration with the public.

Gems for Gems has gifted over 18,000 gifts on Christmas morning across the country, assisted thousands of survivors with essential skills (financial literacy, preventative self-defense, resilience, and psychological coping skills) and empowerment, built a scholarship program for survivors, and, launched an ambassador program comprised of men and women all unified under the same mission.

The Gems for Gems Ambassador Program spans across Canada and the U.S. as well as has three celebrity ambassadors within the team.

Most recently, Jordan and her team at Gems for Gems have launched Hope's Cradle.

This initiative is a partnership with Fire Departments to provide a safe surrender location for mothers who feel there is no other alternative to ensure the safety of their babies.

Jordan Guildford Consulting has also been created to give organizations, and start-ups, the ‘leg up’ and creative injection needed to mobilize the community around them.

With a focus on impact, Jordan’s innovative instincts never cease to seek progressive solutions to tenacious problems. Collaboration is at the very center of each successful project Jordan has pursued and it continues to be a non-negotiable asset to enlisting her support.

“Everyone can be a meaningful part of the change by uniting and understanding we are always stronger together”. -Jordan Guildford

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