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When Aeina told me her story the first time, I was blown away by her sentence: "Let's get married! What can go wrong?" well...... A LOT ?!?!?! especially when, like me and many of my beloved guest speakers, we are victorious over domestic abuse, and often have partnered and married narcissistic abusive partners and have experienced the full blow of wrath when somebody with various level of mental illness explodes and cannot contain himself/herself anymore. I'm so glad Aeina was able to become aware of her early adulthood mistake, come back to her senses, and put an end to this first nightmare, to then get the appropriate training as an NLP professional and many other certifications, to help others on their healing and or thriving journey. - This is one of the most unexpected and surprising stories I heard so far as the host of the "Real Talk Real Women - Breaking The Silence Around Abuse" show.

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