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S2E33 "Let's get married! What can go wrong?" with Aeina P.

Real Talk Real Women with Aeina P., an ABNLP Certified Master Practitioner, Certified Master Timeline Therapist, and a Certified Master Coach of NLP.

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The Real Talk Real Women - Breaking The Silence Around Abuse podcast/videocast/show aims to break the silence surrounding abusive and toxic relationships and to inspire victim hiding in plain sight to recognize the abuse and put the right words on it and to break free. Our guests are strong and powerful women who have prevailed over their toxic or abusive relationships and are now helping others on their healing and transformation journey toward the best version of themselves. Gemma Serenity is an award-winning entrepreneur educated at MIT, NYU Mindfulness, and IMD business school ranked #1 for the 12th year in a row by Financial Times in executive education, in the fields of leadership, negotiation, and personal development with 25 years of experience helping others find their voice and step into the energy of success. She continues her studies at Kellogg Northwestern University in business and professional sales. After victoriously overcoming 15 years of domestic violence, she now uses her voice, writing, consulting, and online courses, to share her insights on shifting your mindset, focusing on self-confidence, self-love, self-confidence, as well as money, relationships, time, and is an advocate against domestic abuse.
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About Aeina

Aeina P is a Certified Master Practitioner from The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP), a Certified Master Timeline Therapist, and a Certified Master Coach of NLP.

Aeina helps individuals heal from past trauma, and enriches their personal growth so they can develop happier and healthier relationships. She has been coaching and conducting one on one sessions for a year. Her client sessions are a rollercoaster journey of realizations, self-reflections, interventions, and simulations and have helped many of them grow, connect and celebrate breakthroughs.

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