Sitemap - 2022 - Gemma’s Gem

S3E62 Healing From Sexual Abuse with Josette Diaz

S3E61 Finding Support When Leaving Domestic Violence with Altagracia Felix

Special Guest Stephanie Mankin, the "Fighting Fashionista"

S3E60 From Crappy To Happy with Alicia Ann Wade

S3E58 The Four Radical Commitments for Thriving in Relationships with Tracie Sage

S3E57 Miracles in the Midst of Hardship. From Broken to Businesswoman with Elita Summers

S3E56 Healing With Nature From Loss And Grief with Dortha Hise

S3E55 From Financial Abuse to Financial Freedom with Terré Holmes

S3E54 Radical Responsibility with Tiffany Wylder

S2E53 10 common signs to know if your mother is a narcissist with Leann Evans

S2E52 Empowering Women To Heal With Reiki - with Dr. Flor Marques

S2E51 Mind Your Language with Margaret McCallum, author, artist, founder of the Be-More-You Creative Guru movement

S2E50 Self-Intimacy As A Healing Modality With Ohouo Goa

S2E49 Sensual Healing with Ashera Dominique Boyer

S2E48-2 Breaking The Silence, Reclaiming My Voice with Suzan Tusson McNeil

S2E48-1 Healing from self-blame with self-love with Suzan E. Tusson-McNeil

S2E47 Finding Hope and Cultivating Gratitude in Challenging Situations with Andrea Blindt

S2E46 Happiness After Depression with Sarah Hinckley

S2E45 The Damages of Fairy Tales with Mrs. Dee Dhillon: Managing Our Expectations Regarding Relationships

What is cognitive dissonance and why did it keep you in the relationship with a toxic, abusive, narcissistic partner?

S2E44 Is Gaining Weight Really A Problem In A Relationship with Monique Gibson: The Hard Truth About Body Shaming

S2E43 A Holistic Approach To Inner Wounds with Fiona McDonagh

Special Guest Yvette Berke, Little Angels Project's Outreach Coordinator

S2E42 Praying Your Narcissist Partner Away With Cheryl Broughton

S2E41 "How The Sex Industry Saved My Life" with Deb Morgan

S2E40 Shining Light On Your Authenticity - Turning Flaws Into Assets with Steffi Andrews Photography

S2E39 Breaking The Curse Of Emotional Pain, Healing From Betrayal And Being Cheated On With Lonn Will

S2E38 What To Do When Affirmations Don't Work After Narcissistic Abuse with Tierra Womack, MBA

S2E37 The Art To Heal From Abusive And Toxic Relationships With R2E Coach Altagracia Felix

Special episode "men's mental health summit"

S2E36 - 10 red flags of toxic people and 3 ways to cope with Lynn Catalano, Esq.

S2E35 Breaking The Shameful Law Of Silence with Dawn Spann. I too didn't tell anyone.

S2E34: From Forgiveness To Self-Love With Ellen Elizabeth

3 things you can do to break free from abuse, when the abuser lives in your home!

S2E33 "Let's get married! What can go wrong?" with Aeina P.

4 fundamental qualities to survive through toxic love with Special Guest Tracy May, founder of Fiercely Empowered Inc.

S2E32 How To Release Trauma So That It Doesn't Build Chronic Illness with Melissa Porterfield, MEd

S2E31: Decluttering To Heal Your Mind, Body, Soul, and Home with Krystal Holm

S2E30: 3 Steps To Transition Out Of Toxic Love with Illa Lynn, Intuitive Dating Coach for Corporate Women Over 30 Looking for Lasting Love

4 essential lessons I learned from co-parenting with a narcissist borderline pedophile drug-addict violent man

S2E29 2 Essential Decisions so You Can Move On From Your Toxic Ex With Veronica Weedon

S2E28-2 The Science Of Happiness And Our Relationship With Money In Our Brains with Coach D, Dominika Staniewicz

S2E28-1 When You Are In The Middle Of Hell, Keep Walking: Even Hell Has A Border! with CoachD (Dominika Staniewicz)

S1E27 From Fear, Shame, Guilt, going through coaching, discovering a life of freedom and self-love with Susanne Naomi Baumbach

Healed At The Cellular Level With Special Guest OLESYA WILSON

Gemma is one of the speakers of the free Energy Healing Summit by Unlock Your Legacy group

S1E26 Co-Parenting With A Narcissist with Svenja Krauer

8 Free Digital Marketing Tools to Leverage -> 30 steps action plan

S1E25 Give Yourself Permission with Melinda Kunst

What does it entail to run a podcast/videocast show?

S1E24 From Shame To Magic with Jacqueline Kent

S1E23 The Scars of Fatherlessness with Rachel Isabela Castillo

SPECIAL GUEST: Jordan Guildford, CEO of Gems For Gems

S1E22 Empathy and Compassion with counselor Vanja Beric

S1E21 Building Self-Confidence as a Mother, After Leaving a Pedophile, Father of my Kids, with Brigette Gildemaster

S1E20 Domestic Violence: The Freedom Breaker With Julie Foucht

S1E19 Changing Your Self-Talk To Overcome Narcissistic Abuse With Brooke Bownes

S1E18 Defining Yourself In Spite Of an Abusive, Toxic, or Dysfunctional Relationship with Julia Vitality

S1E17 Turn Your Wounds Into Wisdom with Tracy Nosal

S1E16 Breaking Generational Trauma with Alyssa Pfennig

S1E15 Heal Your Trauma, Change Your Beliefs With Kate Herford

S1E14 Recognizing Abuse With Annica Gustaffson

S1E13 Self-Love: The Power Is Within You With Aaira Kaurr

SELF-LOVE is the first step to breaking the silence around abuse, and the truth is that there is hope.

S1E12 Breaking Generational Trauma - It's OK To Not Talk With Your Parents/Children Anymore With Rudi Cromwell

S1E11 What Is Akashic Alignment With Angela Cruz

S1E10 From Uncertainty and Struggle to Success with Xenia Wignan

S1E9 Magriet's mission: Your Story Is Your Superpower; Let's Find Out What It Is With Magriet Potgieter

S1E8 | There is always a way | An Opinion About Abortion Rights | With Julie Akers

S1E7 | Breaking The Expectation Of Being A Woman | With Daphne Wells

S1E6 From Doubt And Fear To Unstoppable Confidence | With Coach Miha (Mihaela Anca)

Don't Be Afraid To Fail

S1E5 | Self-Love & Freedom | With Melissa Eloise "Coach Mel"

S1E4 | When Victims Become Criminals | With Renée La Montagne Dunn

S1E3 | One Simple Exercise To Break Free From Abuse | with Maria Lobato

Avoiding The Pain Of Heartbreak

S1E2 | The Fear Of Falling Prey Again | With Dee Dhillon

S1E1 | You Have The Permission To Decide | With Brittany Young

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